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Before You Start

Levels Of Registration

The conference has two paid levels of registration for Professional members and non members of the association, and three free levels of registration for: students, interns and residents.

Free Registration (Students, Interns and Residents)

The registration for the students, interns and residents will be free of charge, provided an official letter is attached to support this claim, with limited seats available for the mentioned categories.

Registration Fee

Registration fee includes access for the conference three days program.
​​​​​​​Workshops and Gala dinner access is not included.


The conference will have parralel workshops, that will need pre registration and have limited seats.

Registration System

Step 1 (Sign up): Fill up your personal and contact information (Upload any supporting document if applicable)

​​​​​​​Step 2: Select your level of registration (member, non member, student, intern and resident)

Step 3: Select the workshops you are interested in, and gala dinner if you like to participate

Step 4: Select the method of payment suitable for you, and confirm the registration

Other Events

The gala dinner held by the organisers will be separately charged and optional for our esteemed participants.